Jay Tamang was born in a remote village in northern Nepal, one of the most
beautiful places in the world. He grew up without electricity, running water or
a telephone. Jay had to walk long distances to get to a school, hiking over mountain
passes. Yet, growing up in Nepal, Jay was surrounded by mother nature’s beauty in
the form of majestic mountains, waterfalls, and magical natural light. The awesome
power of nature was simply part of his life.

Although Jay's true passion is photography, he has also used his social skills to help
the children of his village and surrounding villages. In 2009, he founded NEPAL FREED,
(Foundation for Rural Educational and Economic Development.) Since that time, Jay has
raised enough money to build two schools giving hope for a better future to the children
who he left behind, but never forgot.

He speaks of his days as a trekking guide. " I witnessed the amazing glory of creation among
the highest peaks in the world and I wished I could share them with others. Unfortunately,
I could not afford a camera and the idea of ever having one seemed far away. He learned that
in art, it’s about your eye, your talent and most of all, it is about your passion.

Now a well established member of the Mill Valley Community, Jay has been able to devote a
significant portion of his life to photography and to share the splendor he sees. It is my goal to
capture this amazing country through my photographic eye... the beauty of California’s amazing
national parks, cities, and coastlines. I believe that sharing beauty can inspire peacefulness and
a sense of calm in our stressful everyday lives. His goal is to inspire people to learn more about
the beauty of mother nature through contemplation of his photographs.